What is Pivotal

PIVOTAL is a full-service, global advertising agency based in the United States and France. Founded in 2011, the promise of PIVOTAL is to provide uniquely disruptive, game-changing ideation and 360° marketing/advertising solutions to brands.


PIVOTAL is setting a new standard in open sourcing by offering clients a modular and scalable way to achieve superior results. Based on the idea of true customization, we selectively draw from the highest level of creative talents, leading strategists, brand evangelists, media buyers and other marketing professionals to meet the individual needs of each assignment. Through our established network, we are able to cultivate the best solutions for our clients without the typical multi-layered bureaucracy and overhead costs of traditional agencies. Additionally, our open source model affords us the agility to create remarkable and incredibly relevant work quickly and efficiently.

Why We Do What We Do

PIVOTAL marks a shift in the business of advertising. At our core, we believe in what we do because we don’t accept the status quo. Where conventional advertising business models focus on growing the business by growing the client roster, we eschew that. We work on and pursue with zeal, passion, and earnest only the brands that we love to use ourselves. We work on the products, services, and messages that we use and interact with each and everyday. We can afford to be selective because of the worldwide network of talent that we’ve cultivated to work with us. This global pool of creative and advertising professionals runs a wide gamut of diverse peoples with diverse interests; interests that include your brand. In other words, PIVOTAL and our associates are brand ambassadors.

We are your brand’s early adopters, mavens, and connectors. We are the people who make your brand exciting because we are excited about it and we are excited about making other people excited about it. We love what we do and we enjoy doing it. The work never gets mundane, so we never lose focus and your advertising never gets dull. We also refuse to accept work simply because it is there. We don’t consider ourselves a shop. When you work with us, we internalize your advertising and marketing challenges, and invest ourselves in your success.

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