Michael Hughes,

Founder of Pivotal and jack of all trades. A creative by trade, Michael has worn many hats in a variety of industries including publishing, education, advertising, sales and fashion. He has more than 10 years of experience working with and producing content in print, broadcast and new media. His talent however, is being able to forecast trends, maximize opportunitiesa and achieve success with incredible accuracy.

Stephanie Sorine,

Stand-out advertising is part of Stephanie’s DNA. Literally. She is one of the most award-winningest pharmaceutical creative director/copywriters around. Stephanie has innovated and inspired others to develop pivotal work across almost every kind of healthcare market and channels of communication— including print, Web, video, tablet PC, iPad, TV, radio, direct mail, email and interactive gaming. In addition, Stephanie has extensive experience in other categories, having developed successful campaigns for AT&T, Nabisco and Apple Computer. When not at work, Stephanie proudly spends her free moments with her husband and two children in Westchester, New York.

Dan Sorine,

Dan is a non-stop generator of revenue-propelling ideas. He’s all about the future. Your future. Dan cut his teeth in advertising by promoting major pharmaceutical brands and has continued to expand his experience with other products and services. Now, talk about pivotal moments and changing the game… Being a Division 1 baseball player at Fordham University, Dan knows what it takes to face a serious challenge and turn it into a major win.

Arno Peters,

All round concept director and visual nerd working in the film and advertising world, known to be always one step ahead of the game and delivering great results, personable organic atmosphere and a high integrity. Worked for the major companies worldwide like, Wieden + Kennedy, Fallon, Sid Lee, Kesselskramer, DDB, BBDO, MTV-Tokyo and many more.

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